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What is a water cut?

To put it simply a water cut is a way of reducing your body weight by reducing the amount of water that your body is holding on to. A water cut uses water manipulation to increase your body’s ability to excrete water, which ultimately can help you lose weight very quickly. It’s also a way for athletes to lose a significant amount of weight, with the least impact on strength.

Why would you use a water cut?

In sports where your class is determined by body weight, a water cut can help an athlete “make weight” or reduce their body weight enough to be competitive in a lower weight class. For example, a powerlifter may want to train at a higher body weight such as 240 lbs during their training season, however, they may want to cut down to 231lbs to compete in the 105 kg weight class instead of the 120kg weight class. This would likely allow the athlete to be more competitive, and maintain the majority of the strength that they’ve built at a higher body weight.

Are water cuts safe?

While water cuts can be done safely, they are an acute and short-term solution. Water cuts are not meant to be long-term weight loss solutions as they can critically dehydrate your body which over a very short period of time may be ok, but in the long term can be dangerous to your health. The task of performing an extreme water cut can also be dangerous. Some athletes may cut up to 10% of their total body weight by utilizing a water cut which will cause them to be extremely dehydrated. So in most cases, a small water cut isn’t dangerous, but the more weight you lose through a water cut, the more dangerous the cut becomes.

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