3 Ways to Build a Bigger Bench

Every bro know that the bench press is one of the fundamental movements in any strength training program. Walk into any gym on a Monday, and you’ll be hard pressed to find an open flat bench (see what I did there?!?!) When done correctly, the bench press can help build powerful upper body which will benefit […]

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Power Recipes: Protein Power Oatmeal

Breakfast is by far my favorite meal of the day. It sets the tone for how I’m going to feel, how much energy I’m going to have, what mood I’m going to be in, and frankly, how well I’m going to follow my nutrition plan. (How many times have you eaten something un-healthy and though “fuck it, I’ll just eat whatever for the rest of the day and chalk it up to a loss…”?). A quick and easy way to get some good protein and complex carbs in for your first meal is through this amped up oatmeal.

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